Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SNAP East: A Journey called 92 Reade

Today I have gone blog crazy. First I archived some goodies from the bright and orange A&A. I dipped into some dangerous territory there. Then I had a moment and archived one of my favorite professors and his environ. The blog crazy day was only half way there.

I realized that I was reaching too far out in my memories, looking too far away and not looking at what was right in front me: 92 Reade. So I woke up. I opened my eyes. I took out my snap snap and SNAP.

This is 92 Reade. 2 doors East of 100 Reade, our New york Headquarters where the big shots and some other shots reside. This is 92 Reade. The Side Shot.

This is Ed at Work. He is the first person we encounter everyday.

Ed is the Coat Check Clerk. Ed has a much revered position at 92 Reade.
My standing with Ed is special. While most 92 Readers leave empty handed when they drop their coats at Ed's coat check, I recieve a green ticket, which I make sure to return at the end of the day. (The end of the Day - this is an unknown at 92 Reade)

This is Buckardo. Buck is the happiest man in 2009. See him smiling back at 2009 in this snap.

This is Christine. Christine is Buck's left hand. She sits right in front of me and I always check out what is on her screen. I police her screen.

This is DD. He is my neighbor. He is a mystery man in tight pants and two screens. He MADE his desk untidy for the photo shoot today. It is the look of the day in tight pants. One of his mysterious screens is displaying a blog! One that is not my blog. DD is policing other blogs to help me out in my market research.

This is the phone. The phone is Shane's ghost. Shane always sends emails about the phone. The phone is either connected to the network or off the network. Shane always lets us know the status.

This is the list. The list contains all the versions.

Now I am approaching Me. This the view of Me, from the back seat. Me is the cool kid at the back seat.

This is Me's foreground. The screen features today's blog; the screen has ears that were bequeathed by Emily. That bag is my camera's fancy bag by Oscar de la Renta - i bought it for a dollar cause Oscar and I are buddy buddy. Christine is talking to her right hand Buck and the new guy Aaron is approaching from the upper left corner of the left ear.

This is the 2 coffees. Inside the coffee mug is the bad coffee; inside the aper cup is the slightly better coffee. I bought the better coffee yesterday and cooled it in the fridge for a day. Try it! it is a bad idea.

This is me.