Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Even the word "frivolous" I find frivolous. The f and the v and the l are all frivolous to the lip and to the tongue. The r is even more so, as my brother didn’t use to be able to say it when he was little. not to mention the frivolity of having i, o and u in such order. and ending with and s, implicating that there are many many frivolousnesses to be had. it is just frivolous. it is just so frivolous to write about frivolousness. Hence the item of frivolity which has its name prefixed to this blog is nothing but frivolous. and that I would subtly quote from Oliver Twist for the sake of frivolousness is anything but ...

What do you find frivolous? Today I am concerned with that as I choose to be frivolous with my time. well what then? Caviar? or is that a cliché? Gold? Aston Martin? Dubai? Jean George? Paris Hilton? the Eiffel Tower? Wedding Gowns? your tenth youngest brother? Silver colored rain boots? Over priced Italian sofas? The rest of your brain? Two feet of trace paper with three lines on it? Ten inches of trace paper with an office tower on it? Beard? Beach? Bowling? Burgers? Blondes? Boyfriends? Blue sky? blobillions? bulky librarians?

Time? Mortality? The good old mortality.