Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Concrete: Natura Morta by Studio Toogood and Martin Luther Church by Cooop Himmelblau

Rachel Horn and Justin Kreizel Airstream

I admire the sensibility with which Rachel Horn employed the concept of eastern nomadic lifestyles into this all American nomad's habitat.

Quoting from the NYtimes:

" Rachel Horn, an interior designer, and her husband and business partner, Justin Kreizel, renovated a 1969 Airstream to take to the Burning Man festival, which runs through Sept. 5 in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The couple splits their time between Los Angeles, where they did the renovation, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Credit: Stephanie Diani for The New York Times  "

Texas Wildfires: The Sublime Beauty of Tragedy


Fading Beauty: 100 Years after the Party by Makiko Nakamura and Virgin Suicides

To honor the beginning of NYC Fashion Week Fall 2011: Two photos of the same vein from different time periods

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tavi the Style Rookie

This little girl - declared by Gaga the "future of fashion journalism" admittedly fascinates me - with her beyond average wit, brains and understanding of the forces of society, the teenage girl anthropology, the subversive layers of fashion, trends and americana.


Fall on our steps

memories of the first Tuesday of Fall that is today

1. like Tavi's suburban run away photos

2. would consider wearing kirkwood wedges for the fall?

3. a simple elegant outfit from The Row is effortless for the autumn.

4. look forward to seeing bisons in the snow in wyoming.

5. perhaps may even catch a glimpse of fall in yellowstone before they get snow covered?

6. most def looking forward to snowy plains, rolling hills and steep chutes for the winter 2011.

7. want to watch Twin Peaks this month.

8. considering investing some $$ in hip pop art

Tuesday, August 16, 2011