Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

She would not call him a loser...

is noah a loser?

wouldn't want to call him a loser, but what can i say there was only one winner!

are you a winner?

in this event i was

did you practice before the game?

just some warm up exercises .. biking, swimming..

was it a difficult win or an easily won one?

neither here or there

will you continue to compete in this category?

look forward to it

was it a good choice of location?


where do you fight in the winter months?

only fight in the summer months- i only compete on sand.

What is Noah?

I had an interview with Noah regarding his post-game demeanour. While we agreed that his motto and mojo is to keep confident and optimistic, the question which remained unanswered for today and for years to come was: Did Noah really lose? Would Noah ever defeat a Lady? Is Noah a loser or is Noah a Lady-Lover?

Pre-Game Mood

The light is shining on Mesve... Noah seems worried.

Let the Games Begin

And the winner is
But Noah keeps his chin high
- confident and optimistic for the next challenge.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dave Strong Dave
Dont mind me girls.
Turning the Archive Upside Down.
I think V would appreciate it.
Archiving more Liz and Vanessa from the light and color series.
Also honoring Liz's cheese, mold and bacteria appearance on TV.
I like bluerry pictures.

Today archiving a photo of Vanessa, Dave and Liz on Metro North on the way to Forth's wedding. That was a classy entry when we pulled in. Dave & Liz are getting married soon and I like the items on their wedding registery --- usually, wedding registeries suck. Vanessa is not getting married yet. But I bet she is looking forward to putting together a wedding registry. She never told me that, but I just know that she would love that. Vanessa and Dave like green... hence the green font. (Do I write like a 5 year old?)
This clock is great.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Edouard Francois

'edenbio' is a construction on an entire parisian housing block, designed by french architect edouard francois. the project is comprised of a hundred new social apartments and ateliers for artists, some new community rooms and a small renovated restaurant. the block is crossed by narrow alleys a couple of meters wide, which were fruit gardens.the desnisty of the program is situated in the center, along the original alleys where maisonettes and buildings with vegetal facades face each other. the materials used are those of the neighborhood -poor, made of prefabricated red shingles, timber pillars, zinc, flower pots, copper, whitewash plaster and coarse concrete.the central building is wrapped with greenery and timber garden stakes. along its length, its height is stepped in order to better embrace the sloping topography. this feature, as well as the system of staircases without common parts, has led to very complex construction management.the vegetal facade is planted in the ground. thousands of wisterias will climb on as many vertically-assembled stakes. situated every two metres between the stairs and the balconies, this scaffolding of timber pieces will be gently colonized by plants.

El Anatsui & Erdem Moralioglu

Today I am archiving a fantastic Nigerian sculptor El Anatsui. He makes beautiful fabric like drapes using bottle caps - a form of art and design which became a popular tradition in Africa.

The archive is overlapping fall 2009 Erdem Moralioglu's styles and El Anatsui's work -- drawing particular attention to Erdem Moralioglu because he is Turkish and the clothing has beautiful color composition and texture.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer 2009
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The Anti-Tweaker Club - uncensured and unfinished

I started this blog today because I often find myself tweaking against my will nowadays. Sometimes, I tweak all day long. Tweaking is making little changes as opposed to seeing the big picture. Tweaking is changing minute details that don't matter expect to the tweaker alone.

So why tweak? Tweaking makes you feel like you are doing something, though most often without the challenge of tackling the big picture. Tweaking is faking face time. Tweaking is calling in sick instead of taking vacation leave.

I have been tweaking against my will for 3 months now and admittedly, it has given me some mind rest in 2009. But in fact, tweaking has been detrimental; it's been paving the way for brain death. It's been a reason to keep snoozing in the morning and a reason for gradually disliking all web surfing, ebay tracking, facebook tagging and youtube forwarding.

The tweak is taking over.

The Anti-Tweaker Club

This blog has been censured by me. If you want to chat about it, ring me.