Monday, February 23, 2009

The Anti-Tweaker Club - uncensured and unfinished

I started this blog today because I often find myself tweaking against my will nowadays. Sometimes, I tweak all day long. Tweaking is making little changes as opposed to seeing the big picture. Tweaking is changing minute details that don't matter expect to the tweaker alone.

So why tweak? Tweaking makes you feel like you are doing something, though most often without the challenge of tackling the big picture. Tweaking is faking face time. Tweaking is calling in sick instead of taking vacation leave.

I have been tweaking against my will for 3 months now and admittedly, it has given me some mind rest in 2009. But in fact, tweaking has been detrimental; it's been paving the way for brain death. It's been a reason to keep snoozing in the morning and a reason for gradually disliking all web surfing, ebay tracking, facebook tagging and youtube forwarding.

The tweak is taking over.