Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer time casual

by Forth from Brule
G, Trat and JT making dinner
and an ice cream STOP

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Update in words alone

While I am having a great time doing nothing on my side of the world; Hussein Bolt is having a greater time running the 100m at 9:58s.

While Hussein is making the headlines all over the world; Tyson and Assaf who have also run their @#$%$@# off, are on the sidelines.

Take it from me as someone who has tried both wave and wind surfing for the first time in their very late twenties over the same summer in the same exact physical and emotional conditions; wind surfing is way easier to learn; perhaps not easier to advance...

in the meantime ...

Monday, August 3, 2009

When Ogilvy "tasted blood"

After just a few months in advertising, Ogilvy took the discipline in a whole new direction. A man walked into Ogilvy's London agency wanting to advertise the opening of his hotel. Since he had just $500 he was turned to the novice - Ogilvy. Ogilvy bought $500 worth of postcards and sent an invite to everybody he found in the local telephone directory. The hotel opened with a full house. "I had tasted blood", says Ogilvy in his Confessions. This is also where he came to know direct advertising, his "Secret Weapon" as he says in Ogilvy on Advertising.

like they tasted flesh

and tasted oil

2 tweets from Marshall Mcluhan

The new media will take us from an era when business was our culture to an era where culture will be our business.

Anything I talk about is almost certainly something I'm resolutely against. And it seems to me the best way to oppose it is to understand it