Monday, March 9, 2009

An Ode to My Furniture Parties

I must have my furniture parties.

I adore furniture that posesses color, texture and form. Chairs have personalities. Having a vareity of chairs in a room (supplemented by a smaller variety of other furniture) is like having a party. I am never in the mood for the same kind of party over and over again. There are my lazy days, my bright and colorful days, my sleek days and my pastel days, and sometimes i just need to have a natural calm day. These are some of my select party guests.

This is the lady of the house. She is gorgeously settled in her days.
He has been with her for a long time. He cant move. he can but he pretends he cant.

This is the old landladies best friend, the other old lady.

This is what keeps them cool.
She makes any day a party of its own. She looks best from the back.

While he looks best from the diagonal.
This little boy looks like a party pooper. but no he is not.

These little boys are the mischevious ones.
Here is the pretty lady.

and the pretty ladies pretty bowls.
these were some of my favorite party guests, but i have many more favorite party guests. It is not impossible to get in my favorites list, but it is not so easy either.

Must have a private red party

a party for four. shapes, sizes and feels of all kinds.

i would be happy at any party with this one.

this is gently experimental.

this looks goofy but he is a good pasttimer. FYI - the secret with this little buddy's little buddy is that it is connected to the big buddy with an elastic string so you can kick it around and it comes back to you. i prefer it in black... but the black party was too sleek to let him in.

the red party regular.

Must have a natureful calm party
i ran out of words for the time being.

Must have a sleek black party
Euro but not trash.

Must have a very big textureful white party
white is the new white is the new white is the new white.

paper white

translucent white

royal white

smooth white

ghost white

wire white

prickly white

milky white

gauzy silk white

rippled white

delicate white

tanning white

skeltal white

light me white

hot white

fun white

meteor white

furry white

Finally Must have a playful colorful party