Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snippets of Materiality from MAD


Last weekend, I discovered these snippets of light materiality at the Museum of Art and Design. I was (s)lightly inspired by 2 exhibitions: SLICE: Paper Under the Knife", and the Japanese ID group Nendo's "Ghost Stories". Slice displayed examples of beautiful designs, burdensome works of art and conceptual architecture, however, the overall feel was one of an amateurish installation of a curation which lacked a cohesive story. Nendo's designs, though were immaculate in conception and realization, would have been more impactful had there been a bigger variety on display.

I will hold my thoughts on the Columbus Circle MAD building - a rather recent renovation by Allied Works -.

Nendo's ghost chairs
Spun vases made of paper
Floor treatment for Nendo displays
My favorite - a source of light - not sure of materiality, either resin over paper or over fiber glass

Paper cut-outs (one of the few shots of the exhibition I was able to get before I was told off by security)

Amongst the art: a book with the words cut out