Sunday, January 24, 2010

What you can find at a New York Flee Market

All I swapped was money at the Brooklyn Flee in the Clock Tower. I guess thats why they no longer call it the swap meet. Anyway, the location was gorgeous for a flee market to unfold, lots of antique fit out to backdrop the vintage. Still not sure whether it was the setting or the reality which made me think there actually was a good range and selection of true and faux vintage furniture, clothes and knick knacks.

The building and the dim lighting made almost everything reuse worthy looking. I also liked the civility and urbanity of a Galleries Lafayettes type department store which the old bank building's existing space provided for the temporary market place conversion.

This heroic coat and the Pucci resembling dresses were some of the better displays of vintage clothing., other than the most amazing sweater with the sequined airplane and clouds I actually bought. You will have to track me down wearing it to appreciate what i am talking about.

The 70's or the faboulous fifties?

I regret not getting this photograph.

i bought this oval mirror and no i did not buy the faux Chanel look in pink.