Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Loitering Wall

I found this image on racked.com earlier today. It is a swerve from my normal inclination to post delectable imagery, but it ain't all too beautiful out there, is it? A 7/11 on 93rd and Amsterdam came up with this twisted idea to provide loiterers a fleuro-lit awning over a part of the pavement siding a graffiti infested brick wall. Would it be apt to call it a new street architecture typology or a parodical offering to the microwave heated burrito consumer?

Another unintentionally satirical addition to the world was spotted by the Sheepshead Dooze in Sheepshead Bay. A utility shaft looking thing located in a row of other this worldly architectural things is one of those things you dont notice until one day you do notice and wonder when things went so astray for the mankind. Today you will have to excuse my inabilitiy to express my observations by any other word than "thing".