Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Futur-niture in white

I am a long time fan of white home accessories and furniture. However complex or simple the design is, a white wash transforms, blends, unifies, mystifies, punktifies.

Dutch designer Jeroen Wesselink has created a stool that can be hung on a wall to resemble a deer’s head when not in use.

Chilean digital design and fabrication studio gt_2P have designed a table made of intersecting two-dimensional forms that are designed using parametric software.

Belly Love by Florence Jaffrein
Called Belly Love, the furniture is made of foam covered in the photo luminescent fabric, which also contains capsules that release fragrance into the air.

Tokujin Yoshioka's polyethylene chairs

Bulgarian studio bozhinovskidesign have created a cantilevered desk suspended from the wall by steel cables.
Maarten Van Severen Aluminum chair
Naoto Fukosawa large pouf with fixed white leather cover
Future System's "Chester" sofa
Structure in white or black gloss polyester with upholstery in fabric or leather