Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eero Saarinen at the Museum of the City of New York

These beautiful stairs, reminiscent of Saarinen's delicate curves for his buildings lead you up to a variety of changing and permananet installations on the second floor of the Museum of the City of New York. For the time being, David and I stayed downstairs, where the Eero Saarinen Retrospective was.

The womb chair.

The modernist, masculine moments.

Spectacular hand drawings.

The generous and restrained curvilinear forms.
The TWA corridors to the concourses.

Love letters, invitations, gifts from Eero to his wife Aline.

Not to undermine the most predomionant place the Ingalls Rink has in the oevre of the architect, it seems that I grabbed only one picture of the magnifcent building's representation at the exhibition. Go Bulldogs ;)

These "things" ... dare I say without much hesitation that most if not all Yale students wonder what these things are. These modular scultptural ornaments dispersed around the Morse and Stiles Colleges.

Everday between gym and dorm, I walked through this alleyway between Morse and Stiles, to the Payne Whitney Gym in the distance. I find this to be the most successful moment Saarinen created in the design of M+ES.

The American Embassy in London.

St Louis Arch

The Miller House.

The plan of the Miller cottage.