Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen - perhaps the most creative, talented, experimental fashion designer - has died


I am incredibly saddened by Mcqueen's news. He was perhaps the most creative and versatile fashion designer past and present. He was a fearless fashion genius. His creations immaculately integrated the organic life on earth into clothes.

Unfortunately McQueen committed suicide. Who wouldnt agree with the fact that creativity and suffering are inherently linked. Pressure of performance imposed both by the self and by others torments the creative psyche. That paranormal activity which defines the on and off stage performance of a creative genius, is it a curse or a blessing?

On this subject, I like Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on the "internalized creative genii" which lies inside the creative genius. What about externalizing it? What about seeing creativity as a job, taking it less personal, having a slightly removed relationship / communication with it as opposed to letting it eat the flesh, skin and bones from the inside? It sounds like one solution to the utter torment, the mind over heart opposition to the heartful, but I find it less exciting, less provocating and perhaps a stab at the creative genius.

The classic Mcqueen skull tee

He had a super versatile eye which included humor, drama, color, texture, hues, proportion, balance and more.

There is a very sophisticated antler head do which brings together drama and elegance. perhaps a representation of who he was as a designer.