Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Minimalist Inventions for a ghostly and and playful environment


Inventing with a minimal touch to create a playful, transient environment is a special touch only the very few have. This posting is dedicated to the designs of these very few. The selection for the various inventions is based on an associative serendipity which led me to come upon each one of these special objet-de-fascination.

This moss interior landscaping called TerraMac by Akoto Azuma is perhaps the most interesting, livid, playful, life enhancing invention I came across today. I suggest that any commercial or even residential interior would benefit immensely from having this source of life to enhance their daily setting.

I posted this chair by Florence Jaffrain before. But I had to bring up the textural and organic association with the Terramac moss scape.
paper has been a source and material of inspiration for lighting for a very very long time. I find that the most appealing uses of paper for lighting are those which push the boundaries of paper which allows the design to be playful and mysterious.
The blown paper lamps by Nendo below do just that. The mushroom garden landscape once again builds on the notion of organic interior landscaping.

Another naturally inspired design by Nendo is this antler socket which helps to carry the normally dangling power devices.

Nendo also came up with this less organic but ingenious design for a shelving unit for the new design expo. The negative space of the crosses are reflected on the carpet which they also designed.

The Nendo exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum in Kanazawa Japan is gorgeous, reflecting the minimal and unique nature of each of their designs. The rigorous yet ghostly grid makes an enchanting forest of designs.

an interior space designed for the shop in Shenjuku, Japan by Nendo again exhibits their minimalist and structurally sophisticated designs.

Finally, Nendo designed this chair for Issey Miyake using the scraps of fabric from the designer's clothes.
Moving on from Nendo to Pierre Paulin is this new ghostly chair.

another from the master is this structurally inventive and thought catching book shelf.
I wanted to post this lawn chair design Karim Rashid only because it is one of the very few designs of him which I actually appreciate.