Friday, March 12, 2010

The Armory Show March 2010

New Yorkers in thousands attended the Armory Show, The Pulse, The Scope and The Volta last week. Better late than never, I get to share my quick picks, which all come from the Pier 94 of the Armory Show. I was rapidly pulled in by the variety of themes expressed through the use of fleuros and LEDs. It must be the abundance of many disparate works of art, not following a dominant trend, hard to follow thoughts and curations which led me to focus on the more toned down, softer or color muted works of art. Experimenting with traditional media to convey contemporary messages seemed to be in abundance. Despite the difficulty of navigation due to both the crowds and the loud cacophonous art environment, I enjoyed Pier 94, finding here and there "pretty cool stuff. I quickly walked through Pier 92 and was fast disappointed by the stuffy displays and patrons, lack of experimentation and of the younger fresher vibe of the Pier 92.