Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Installation Day 2: Always Trust in the Power of the Collaborative

Our fortune for the day read:
" always trust in the power of the collaborative"

more was installed at the Drop NYC 2012+ last night, but still waiting for more than half of the artists to drop in before the show goes down in 3 days!

My volunteering wonderful friends Yasha, Vanessa, Agatha and Citizan Cane worked diligently while the rest of us pondered the faith of the bigger picture, munching on Chinese food and reading our fortunes.

Additionally, we are in the Village Voice today with a half page ad, was on Flavorpill on Monday and other channels whose names I cannot keep track of. phew, we are so hip at the moment.

Our website got close to 1000 hits yesterday, seems like we will have quite a partay on Saturday.

Go there and be there yourself, too.