Monday, July 20, 2009

Diary > Resort 2010 > Spectrum of Orange to Silver

Stella Maccartney >>> wonderful for the spring and fall, relaxed, chic, flattering, work chic, classy and playful, more relaxed, flattering waist lines, allows for the use of belts of all sizes and colors that you have accumulated over the past few years

more From Stella M. >> gold to accompany your whites and kakhis, relaxed yet super glam, classy yet with a perfect edge

The gold now to accompany oranges, browns and greens. perfect fall colors. a glamourous afternoon outfit to start out the evening or glamarous weekend outfit which you will feel glammed up during the happy hour.

Bright colors and stripes for the pool party and sailing trips.

work chic, feminine, heavy silks and black lace
dont mess with the outfit

Stella M >>> evening, coctail, apres-work drinks, events

more black lace tight pants, form fitting jackets and gorgeous shoes
and finally the most gorgeous outfit of the season, the black lace body suit.
at Jill Stuart >> great combinations of heavy and light materials, shades of grey and beige, tints of pink; more formal drapes, even complimented by a black, or dark slate suit jacket

agh, almost bought that gold/silver bustier, now i see what i needed to complete the outfit
that's a great way to use white to give a full body relaxed glamour affect

my favorite dress color + material >> medium weight silk in pink tinted beige/brown
very sophisticated color that hightlights pretty much all skin tones

an intuitive faboulous necklace to complete a loose fitting dress
a personality piece

more personality with that wrist band

incredible droopy jewelery, more a clothing item than jewelry
flattering comfortable, flowy, girly cuts, shawls, and big bags.
beautiful color choices, faun like a midsummer nights dream - esque
goddess all the way

Big and loose wrist bands, ankle socks

tints of pink and orange with greys perfect over a beach tan

at Burberry Prorsum >>> whites, off whites, cool beige and brown tones

what i call the coat dress in various forms, girly and classy, comfortable yet precisely designed.

baggy cigarette pants over super tall platforms, tshirts, big bags and BP specialty amazing cuts on jackets and coats

Similar loose patterns and drapes to Jill stuart but structured at Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum unmatchable coats which would go wonderfully on any of the above Jill Stuart dresses.