Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do It Yourself Times?


I am surprised by fashion nowadays. The recession inspired summer and fall fashions were mostly disposable, do it yourself styles. In the spirit of recession, sustainability, intelligent finances management, shouldn't it have been timeless classics which you are meant to invest in once and keep forever? But then again, would that have been too much depth for fashion - an industry whose concept is rooted in the superficial?

I don't use the word superficial in a degrading way. Superficial - meaning that which is regarding the surface - is a pretty thorough, straight forward, no games, no pretense type of notion. the opposite of layered complexity, flesh, depth. Hence, fashion, that which you wear on the outside, on top of the skin, without depth, without flesh is more about the surface meaning, the immediacy of the term "recession" than the layered implications of it.

While not timeless classics, sustainability or puritan values (thank god as i find the latter to be boring to death; and god knows how many of you out there i have already offended), what is in the summer and fall 2009 are do-it-yourself friendly styles. These are some of the details i found on style.com which you might see me sporting hopefully sooner than later before the recession ends.
The grandpa watch necklaces are from dolce and gabbana, the draped shoe from balenciaga and the cuff from channel to start with.

Zipper flowers

what i will snatch from the Covered Bazaar once home ...soon.
will redecorate my dolce & gabbana 2008 fall dress to ready it for the 2009 fall.
i see my friend Emily liking the latter.
totally awesome.
easy peasy, love it, done deal
i do have a sequin scrap just like the one above which i see making an oldie sweater fun for a few days, and ribbons are no big deal, look great.
that's me now. the two above not below.

cool but i wouldn't do it for myself.
ribbons, ruffles, feathers, blueys
MJ tribute

I am a recently adorned big fan of Matthew Williamson. great fabrics, knits, colors, and kick ass details.

I will certainly Do some of These Myself, i if ever find the time to. feathers aside.