Sunday, June 14, 2009

stream of consicousness

But not just any

recently, about 15 minutes ago, i walked by a stretched hummer and a smart car riding next to each other in Manhattan traffic. Cool. something i had in the past thought about wanting to see happen.

Dell too has minimalist monochromatic laptops, plus they have colors ranging from arctic white (not just white) to something black, including something pink, blue, purple, etc. They are almost as cool as apple but hey not quite because they have too many colors plus they have patterns, like orange plaid over white, green line on red, what the hell. if you own one of these, can you tell me why? still, less is more.

on that note, i tend to think more is more equally as much as less is more, but never some is more.

once again i was reminded that i mostly dislike emergency rooms because they charge too much for the service they provide. at least, that's what happened to me.

everybody seems to be helping a cause nowadays. i think it is a ploy to stimulate the economy and save the world via a screen of humanity.

i tend to spend many dollars in order to save mini dollars. i know that so do you.