Tuesday, June 2, 2009

notes on daily crap

i really enjoyed the Thai ice tea

minutes go by, and I am staring at the same thing, zooming in and out

i forgot to do this thing i wanted to do for my friend, i didnt forget

it is dreary outside, dark and humid, humidity is not my type of thing

people have funny expressions when they zone out on their computer screens

i made fun of one, but that wasnt nice of me

would i bother or rather dare tell them i dont like the images on the wall

do you think they will get one of those side tables between me and dd; dont care either way

will there be swimming pools one day on the west side highway

she has cool sunglasses; she is cool

i tend to not focus

david and david are funny sitting across from that mini table in between them

who is this old man?

yesterday i said the clouds were blue

how many upper teeth do david and david have in total

dd is cursing at the computer screen

i am going to wish a wish as i find me located in front of david, next to david and diagonally across from david

how many daily crap are there in one day

what is in your pocket

i found that sock which i thought i lost and threw the other sock, now i wish i didnt

whats under your tattoo

smile you zoned out soul

one side of my headphones is not working now i have a headphone and it sucks

so stop sending me emails

or i will send you daily crap