Friday, May 1, 2009

Wii Google

what if i was taking notes on a conversation on my blog?
on a conversation which i am half a.. listening...
and translating
what words, what meaning would i catch?
would you be interested in what i have to say?

google rocks cyber identity
icq facebook myspace gmail chat, quite phat
why google?
because there is yet not a moogle?

what if you could shop online?
would you stop going to stores?
no you havent.

tv was popularized in the 50's.
TV is still popular, HBO rocks
TV is better now than ever before
but the golden age of TV was still the 50's.
going back to google.
will the stocks go up from 300 to 3000?
it is hard man.
but it can grow at least twice as much.


present value of all future cash flows.
google's pe ratio (price to earnings ratio) is about 25-30
meaning, it makes 10% for every 300 dollars it trades.
i am lost.
if it wants to trade at 350 its revenue needs to be 11%.
it is impossible to analyze not knowing these facts... which facts?
all he is saying is you cant consistently make money, unless you invest in coca cola. dude, take it easy. it is risky, what if pepsi does better?
utility firms have high dividends. you get a slightly better return from the treasury. nuclear centrals dont mean you are a power house.
they are efficient in pricing in the present information. though i know much more than most stock brokers about googles shares.
the CEO of google is my man. you know what 3M is? the most innovative company ever. GE is 70's man. McDonalds is the best stock you can buy. but Sturbucks is dead. post-boom, noone is buying 4 buck coffee. despite the upcoming price-cut in order to keep the stores open not to increase profits. Sturbucks is over, dot invest in it.
3M guy is a genius.
its a new day; its a new life.
eh, maybe just check out this picture of a certain famous youtube star pole dance.