Monday, May 4, 2009

since when the little man got a giant umbrella

On Sunday at 2pm
the little man with the giant umbrella
-he must have been at the most 12-
walked in a coffee shop
rested his giant umbrealla on the wall
proceeded to order a cup of coffee
-since when do 12 year olds drink coffee?-
pulled out his coffee card and got a tick
-since when had he become a regular-
and tipped a one dollar bill
-into the jar that had barely received any coins-.

i asked him where he got his umbrella
he said he bought it off a man on the street
and paid 5 dollars only
-for what must have been an at the least a 50 dollar umbrella-
my friend asked him how much he would sell it to us for
he said he is not selling the umbrella
but he was able to convince the other man for 5 dollars
because he used to work for him.

-since when do 12 year olds have a resume?-