Thursday, April 23, 2009

Angry Pretty Black Bird

Hello pretty black bird
this bird had a beautiful beautiful coat
and what a personality, birdality
very clever bird
he wasnt (definitely a he or a pissed off she, perhaps perhaps, but i prefer him as a he)
anyway he wasnt afraid of humans, clever bird, what is there to be afraid of
aaaand he understood from sliding doors
he knew to wait for the door to open to enter the whole foods,
then he decided not to enter, because he saw my food! why bother with the line at whole foods, when he can just fly over to my table, to have my ranchos juevros eggs
which i too badly needed to recover from my hang over
so sorry pretty angry bird, humans are bad, they are baaad, when they are hungry and hung over, they wont share their ranchos juevros