Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Mountain Skiing

If you don't know by now, you must learn about my lifelong obsession with skiing. And now my newly found intrigue for "Big Mountain" skiing.  Big mountain skiing may be the thrill of my life which has not yet made into my life.  It comes with many a terrorful dangers the biggest of which is avalanches.  Cliffs and major falls probably top up the list, though the later risks minimize as the ski/snowboard skills maximize.

Big mountain skiing is extreme skiing performed on long steep slopes (45-60 degrees) in the dangerous terrain of the backcountry, or in European lingo off-piste.  Extreme skiing requires extreme focus and skill, and one wrong turn or mistake easily ends in death.

I have pulled out these images from a variety of online sites, including yet not limited to Teton Gravity Research, Jeremy Jones, Cody Townsend, Doug Coombs, Chris Noble.  I apologize to those who I fail to credit, please don't sew me, and let me know if I can update my credits.