Monday, June 7, 2010

Renewable Times Sqaure competition entry by Seth Indigo Carnes (assisted by Ceren Bingol)

I recently assisted artist extraordinaire {sic} for the reNEWable Times Square competition entry...

Below is the original poem by {sic} written for "iheart times square".

standing here
at the crossroads of the world
a square of electric aspiration
where the world is a screen
an extended american dream
spectacular commerce of a people
in a new agora
holding the beacon of hope
a torch of imprisoned light
yearning to be free
in a land where
love is the common currency
out of many
we are one

The “iheart times square” project is an exploration of symbols and poetics, a love affair with representation. Both poetic text and ideograms are powerful symbols that suggest or generate an aspect of life which is intensely singular yet elude attempts by the intellect to fix or establish a single meaning. These symbols channel threads in the history, emotions and behaviors of human existence and beliefs.

The words of “iheart times square” explore mutable texts as interactive poetry. An original poem is written; its words are split apart and painted on the ground as large-scale standalone objects. The location of the words invite the visitors to either find the intended flow of the poem or discover meaning based on the random flow of their travel.

Like love, iheart knows no boundaries. Text is picture, picture is text; the path is the destination. The words and symbols of “iheart times square” shift in scale from the local to the universal, i.e. the words "cross roads" symbolize both the physical nature of the street grid as well as the melting pot of diverse visitors at Times Square. The symbols also vary in scale to address multiple perspectives, pedestrian flows and heights by which viewers may view the Broadway plazas.   

images and text courtesy of {sic}

below are examples of previous iheart prtojects by {sic}