Monday, October 12, 2009

Images of all sorts for the day

image 1: this is a funny tribute to / investigation of the balloon dog. why should the skin always wrap around the structure, it seems so much more the creative other way around.

image 2: it would have been great to see this smoke cloud. why don't we make these clouds everyday? looks just as refreshing, puffy and organic as a tree and a jelly fish, plus it disappears!
image 3: great wedding dress and a fabulous idea for wedding food. why don't I ever get invited to a tamales and hot dogs wedding at a gas station?
image 4: i like her very much because she dresses straight up my alley and has this strength of character only seen in a woman who walks the way she does in incredible pumps. why don't you google Chloe Sevigny?
image 5: why did i never think about half blind folding my brother in a picture? maybe it is because we don't have freckles.
image 6: finally someone having great fun with architecture. why? don't you think?
image 7:

image 8: this image reminds me of high school math class hallway "punishment" which was rather rewarding.

image 9: haha haha

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